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December 8, 2014

About Saint John’s Program For Real Change

Breaking The Cycle

There is no easy way to escape living in crisis. Since our founding on the steps of St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1985, we’ve challenged many homeless mothers with children to grapple with that difficult truth.

And not everyone can. It takes a certain type of woman to stand up to everything that’s ever damaged or broken her and take full, complete control of her life. It’s difficult. It’s painful. And again, it’s not for everyone.

Designed to Change Lives. Once and For All

We provide more than shelter and food. We provide the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness and self-sustainability. Entry into the program is limited, and each step is extremely rigorous. But those who see it through end up with rewarding, happy, and productive lives – for themselves, and for their children.An extraordinary change takes place over three distinct chapters.

This is the breaking point. It is acceptance that something, anything, must be done in order to escape the cycle of poverty, abuse, and dependence. No sob stories. No excuses. Just a challenge. Can you take an honest look at your life and your choices and decide that something needs to change once and for all? With the opportunities presented at Saint John’s, can you leverage your potential to create significant change in your life?


The real test of mettle begins here. Mothers dig down to the root causes of their homelessness and start making enormous life changes through comprehensive mental health services, GED attainment, and career education. All the while, their children also receive emotional and developmental support through our Children’s Program. With Employment Training at Plates Café and Catering, Plates Midtown, or First Steps Child Development Center, mothers learn the essential skills to become employable and ready to join the workforce. It’s an arduous process, because it’s hard, honest work. Many don’t make it. But those who do – prosper.


This is graduation. Those who make it here are ready for the real world. A real job. Real housing. And a real way to support a family. It’s new territory for many. A stage that marks the end of a routine of hardship and failure. This is looking adversity in the eye and saying “Not this time.” Now – real life begins.

For more info please visit http://saintjohnsprogram.org/


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